Consumers’ access to their own energy usage data – a policy adopted with support from consumer advocacy groups, industry and environmentalists -- is expanding energy savings and options for consumers. New offerings include “pay for performance” programs and residential demand response in which web-based tools can help consumers save (or earn) money. But the success of these offerings depends upon the utility’s information technology systems performing at a high level – both back-end functions (e.g. reliable data delivery) and front-end functions (e.g. user experience). Performance metrics and user experience guidelines are important tools for regulators to ensure that utilities meet modern consumers’ digital expectations.

On February 14, 2019, Mission:data hosted a webinar with the following panelists:

  • Michael Murray, President, Mission:data Coalition

  • Matt Duesterberg, Chief Executive Officer, OhmConnect

  • Lisa Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Home Energy Analytics

  • Moderator: Dan Delurey

View webinar slides here

View webinar slides here