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Michael Murray quoted in today's GTM on "California DR 2.0"

Energy data access is an important part of California's new demand response programs, according today's Greentech Media article "California’s Demand Response 2.0 Creates New Competitive Markets."

"It’s huge, because Nest or anyone that has a cool thermostat, or some kind of curtailment mechanism, should be able to bid that directly into the market as a resource," Michael Murray said. "The utilities in California want all the demand response to go through them. So it's kind of a multi-front battle, wresting some control out of their hands." It's likely that Mission:data members, including energy management and distributed energy players like SolarCity, PlotWatt,, Bidgely, EcoFactor, Lucid and iControl, will see opportunities in that battle.

What wasn't mentioned are Mission:data's recent wins. Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric have committed to provide revenue-quality meter data via Green Button Connect. That means that Green Button data, acquired seamlessly, has sufficient accuracy to settle DR transactions with California ISO. That means entrepreneurs don't need to write their software to the clumsy and outdated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard.

PG&E said it would provide revenue-quality data in its amended advice letter in August 2014. SDG&E confirmed it would provide revenue-quality data at the February 6, 2015 "Birth of the Green Button" event (SDG&E slide deck).