Delivery of energy data in standard formats is key to unlocking conservation and bill savings

OAKLAND, CA, August 29, 2016 – MACH Energy, a leading provider of energy and water management software services and solutions, today announced the company has joined the Mission:data Coalition, an advocacy coalition of technology companies dedicated to promoting and facilitating customer access to their energy usage information to enable increased energy savings in homes and businesses.

Standards and protocols for exchanging energy data are available and implemented in a few large states accounting for about half of U.S. investor-owned utility advanced meter deployments, but many states still lag in providing consumers with access to their usage data, depriving consumers of important opportunities to conserve energy and save money.

To date, billions of dollars have been spent on smart meters nation-wide. The data from these meters can be used to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, but most end-user benefits cannot be realized until utilities implement common standards for data transfer. Once customers can simply and electronically authorize companies to see their usage data – as is now possible in the state of California – bill analysis and cost management tools like MACH Energy’s can be accessible to all commercial energy users.

“As energy management becomes an increasingly ubiquitous practice, accessible data is crucial to customers getting the most out of their technologies,” said Jon Moeller, President and CEO of MACH Energy. “We applaud the work the Mission:data Coalition has done to further this initiative and are excited to join them in fostering consumer-friendly data access practices to advance energy efficiency in the commercial real estate sector.”

“By bringing together industry leaders like MACH in energy and data management, we are advocating for policies that will help to spur innovation in energy management services,” said Michael Murray, Chief Technology Strategist of Mission:data. “We’re looking forward to working with MACH and leveraging the company’s deep experience in CRETech to inform best practices for the utility industry.”

About MACH: MACH Energy is a leading cloud-based and mobile provider of CRETech energy and water management solutions for commercial real estate property managers, operators, engineers, and owners. With some of the nation’s most iconic buildings under management, MACH counts hundreds of commercial, REIT, hotel and corporate building owners as customers encompassing hundreds of millions of square feet of properties across the country.

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About Mission:data: The Mission:data Coalition is a coalition of more than 40 energy management technology companies helping residential and business consumers save energy through advanced, data-driven technologies. The coalition works in states throughout the country on behalf of consumer-friendly data access policies to help consumers save energy and money. More information about the Mission:data Coalition can be found at